Leading Maine contractors recommend proven Baxi high efficiency solutions

Jerry Guertin and Jim Robinson are both seasoned plumbing and heating contractors who are leaders in the design, installation and servicing of Baxi highefficiency wallhung heating solutions in Maine. Their Baxi work over the years has helped their residential and commercial customers cut annual fuel bills by up to 67%, while freeing up valuable living and work space and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%.

While they both have a winning customer-first approach to business, neither is known to rest on his laurels, and they are always looking for ways to make their Baxi work better. Jerry and Jim welcome learning more about existing and new Baxi heating innovations. They appreciate the manufacturer’s efforts to produce quality, safety and environmental protection. To that end, they appreciate the timely support and insights gleaned from the Baxi Maine distribution team — Maine distributor Portland Winnelson, New England rep agency J and K Sales and North American Baxi distributor Marathon International.

Nate Bassett, president of Portland Winnelson and exclusive Baxi distributor in Maine, has plenty to smile about these days.

“My customers are enjoying solid Baxi business success, and that’s a big reason why I increased my warehouse space by three-fold this year,” says Bassett. “Every boiler manufacturer is trying to get into wallhung these days, but Baxi’s proven track record is a distinct advantage.”

Making Baxi savings waves along the coast of Maine

Biddeford, Maine — A boat ride along the southern coast of Maine features an impressive parade of homes that Jerry Guertin has made more energy efficient, more affordable and greener with a high efficiency Baxi Luna boiler system.

With 1,000 Baxi Luna installations over the past 10 years, the owner of Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating has plenty of Baxi success stories to showcase.

“When I first heard about Baxi Luna, I thought it was inconceivable that an appliance that was no bigger than a small kitchen cabinet could heat an entire home and provide all of the domestic hot water,” says Guertin. “But when I witnessed first-hand how easy it is to install, how it generates enormous fuel and space savings and how versatile it is for any number of applications, I got hooked on Baxi.”

This past May, Jerry Guertin was among 80 guests, including Jim Robinson and other top Baxi contractors from around North America, to visit Italy and Baxi’s Bassano plant, where the Baxi Luna wallhung series of boilers has been made since 1978.

“It was the second time I had visited the one million square-foot plant, and I am still amazed at the precision and care that goes into making this leading boiler,” says Guertin.

“It is first-class: Baxi spends almost three times longer testing each boiler before it goes to market than it takes to assemble the product.”

Efficient, compact and versatile

Jerry Guertin notes that with high technology appliances you have to pay attention to every detail of planning, installation and commissioning.

“I really like how this little boiler is so versatile, and it is easy to work with,” says Guertin. “My Baxi customers feel that the significant space savings are as important as the enormous annual fuel savings this boiler produces.”

Guertin installs Baxi Luna HT modulating, condensing models (up to 98% EE) as well as the Luna 3 Comfort non-condensing (up to 89% EE), both of which are ideal for infloor radiant, baseboard, or with hydronic air handler distribution. One of the contractor’s recent Baxi installations is in a new 3,400- square-foot home located at the mouth of the picturesque Kennebunk River where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating installed a Baxi Luna HT 380 combination heating and domestic hot water model in a small crawl space, meeting all of the homeowner’s needs for a green, energy efficient and space-saving heating system.

“Baxi is the wallhung boiler that I have come to know and fully appreciate,” notes Jerry Guertin. “Our confidence is well founded. Baxi product is well supported and fits in many different situations that require high performance and small space.”

Founded 35 years ago, Jerry’s Plumbing & Heating employs 11 Baxi-trained installers and service technicians, who have all bought into Jerry’s investment in their continuous learning and a substantial on-hand inventory of Baxi parts and accessories.

Top-of-class performance differentiates

One of Jerry Guertin’s first Baxi projects was for builder-developer Bob Satter, who, with his partner Ron Murro has built more than 10,000 homes throughout the United States. Satter first chose the Baxi Luna combination boiler for his 44-unit Village Condos project in Wells, Maine, and then used it at nearby Forest Village.

“All of our homeowners are happy with Baxi performance, and we have not had one single complaint over the past six years,” says Bob Satter, who recently had Jerry Guertin install a Baxi in his own new home. “Baxi is a great product, and Jerry does fantastic work. He is knowledgeable, conscientious and hard working and stands behind his work. That’s why he is right at the top of my list of subcontractors.”

Small-business owner enjoys big 67% fuel bill savings

When the owner of a 186-year-old Gorham historical landmark decided to find a way to reduce his fuel bills and create a greener bed and breakfast operation, he never dreamed he could cut his costs by two-thirds and end up saving almost $6,000 a year. But Jim Robinson of Mainely Plumbing & Heating made him a believer in big fuel cost savings with the high efficiency Baxi Luna system he designed.

PineCrest Inn is a 5,500 square-foot Victorian property built in 1825. Once the grand home of Gorham’s town doctor, it is listed as a registered historical landmark in both the town of Gorham and the state of Maine. The inn has seven bedrooms and owner’s quarters (each with a private bathroom), plus a fine dining restaurant and wine bar.

Jim Robinson knew a Baxi Luna HT 1.45 light commercial boiler was the right product to bring a 19th century building into the 21st century as soon as Matt Mattingly, owner of PineCrest Inn, told him he was tired of spending so much on oil, as well as on propane and supplemental electric heating for his operation.

“I first learned about Matt’s concerns when my wife Jan and I were enjoying dinner at his inn in the fall of 2008,” recounts Jim Robinson.

“His oil bills were enormous. He was also paying a much smaller propane bill for his kitchen range and an electric bill for the supplemental space heaters needed to make each guest room livable.”

At that time, Maine Gas was running a new natural gas line along PineCrest Inn’s street, 91 South, and Jim Robinson urged the bed and breakfast owner to avail his business of the opportunity to convert to natural gas from oil heat.

Surpassed a 50% savings forecast

Jim Robinson produces an energy efficiency analysis for each project he undertakes, and he uses it as a benchmark for his work. His analysis of the Pine Crest Inn is using a Baxi Luna HT 1.45 boiler forecast at least 50% in savings, while freeing up valuable space in the basement and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“I was blown away when Matt told me that his first annual natural gas bill totaled just $3,005,” says Jim. “That’s amazing when you consider the inn’s total energy bill for the previous year was $8,947 — $6,925 of which was for oil alone, as well as $1,222 for propane and $800 for electric space heating, all of which we eliminated.”

The innkeeper also got pitches from three other local contractors, but he chose to go with Jim’s Baxi high efficiency system, even though it was not the lowest bid.

“I would have been very happy with the 50 per cent savings that Jim forecast, but I am delighted with the actual 67 per cent cost savings,” says Mattingly. “I made the right decision selecting Jim and his team. He does everything right, and he always stands behind his work. He doesn’t cut any corners just to save a few bucks.”

increasing cash flow and resale value

Matt Mattingly says the high efficiency Baxi system enhances his inn’s commitment to Maine’s green lodging certification program. He says the inn is also a more comfortable place to be, his occupancy rates are up and annual fuel savings add up to a payback of less than four years.

Based on a State of Maine study, the savings generated by the inn’s Baxi system increase the inn’s resale value by $118,840. The State of Maine Energy Efficiency Building Performance Standards study shows that energy efficiency enhancements can increase a property’s resale value by $20 for every dollar saved in annual fuel costs. Learn more about Baxi high efficiency heating solutions at www.wallhungboilers.com.

Baxi commercial boilers build greener community

As a member of Biddeford Ice Arena’s board of directors for 20 years, Jerry Guertin is committed to building a better community. So, in 2005 when the arena, as well as the 110-year-old Biddeford City Hall and City Theatre, each needed new heating systems, Jerry stepped up to the plate, recommending multiple Baxi Luna commercial boiler systems.

Based on Guertin’s recommendation, City Council approved the installation of staged Baxi Luna HT 1.65 commercial boilers in each facility. The investment in the greener and more efficient Baxi heating solution paid off immediately, with annual fuel bill reductions of 50% fuel at City Hall and City Theater, and 30% less at the arena. The City also saved $20,000 a year previously needed to maintain the old system, and found that employee absenteeism had dropped dramatically with the high efficiency and environmentally sound heating system