Baxi wall-hung boilers survive Superstorm Sandy, and quickly restore heating and hot water to damaged homes

December 2012 - Mia Simmons of New York's Rockaway Peninsula believes, more than ever before, that good things come in a small packages.

We love our Baxi!

We love our Baxi!

Ms. Simmons is one of thousands of homeowners who have been challenged by the affects of Superstorm Sandy, which has forced thousands of families out of their homes since the storm hit in late October. The Rockaway resident had been without heating and hot water for over a month, but all of that changed on Friday, November 30 when Baxi-certified contractors from 4Js Plumbing replaced her failed heating system with a kitchen-cabinet-sized high efficiency Baxi wall-hung boiler.

Superstorm Sandy destroyed heating systems in thousands of homes on the Rockaway Peninsula, as well well as other areas of New York and New Jersey. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has put more than 30,000 New York and New Jersey residents in hotels and motels because of damages to their homes.

New York City Rapid Repairs officials say there were few homes that did not have their heating and domestic hot water systems destroyed by the storm. But all 54 homes with Baxi wall-hung boilers in the oceanside Rockaway Peninsula Arverne Waters Edge development survived Superstorm Sandy. Baxi's proven reliable wall-hung track record, ease of installation and fully packaged design make the small, compact combination wall-hung boiler ideal for this emergency recovery efforts. In addition, as Baxi homeowners in Rockaway Peninsula and in other flood-prone areas throughout North America have discovered, Baxi wall-hung boilers are the right heating appliance to include in natural disaster mitigation strategies.

Their new Baxi wall-hung boiler rapidly restored comfort and joy for New York resident Mia Simmons (foreground in above photo) and her sister Marcy, whose former home heating system was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy. The sisters consider themselves among the fortunate residents who can live in their homes during the restoration efforts that the NYC Rapid Repairs program, funded by FEMA, is helping to make possible for thousands of residents in the Rockaway Peninsula and elsewhere in New York and New Jersey. The high efficiency Baxi combination heating and domestic hot water boiler will also help Ms. Simmons reduce her natural gas bills by over 30 per cent, compared with her previous lower efficiency floor-standing boiler and separate hot water storage tank, both of which were destroyed by flooding from Superstorm Sandy. She can also live comfortably, knowing that this wall-hung appliance will likely survive future storms, even as Baxi homeowners in a nearby oceanside development discovered after Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene. All 54 homes with Baxi wall-hung boilers in the Arverne Waters Edge community on Rockaway Peninsula survived Sandy and Irene, starting up automatically once electricity was restored in the area.

Supertorm Sandy

Baxi wall-hung boilers survive Superstorm Sandy along New York coast

While Superstorm Sandy destroyed the boardwalk out front of the oceanside Arverne Waters Edge development on New York City's Rockaway Peninsula, all 54 Baxi wall-hung boilers installed in the community continued to provide heating and domestic hot water for residents once electricity was restored in the area. In 2010, The Briarwood Organization chose to install the high efficiency Baxi combination heating and domestic hot water boiler as a more affordable, more reliable and more efficient heating system, which also freed up valuable living space. Homeowners would now add flood-proofing as a key feature, since their Baxi wall-hung boilers survived both Hurricane Irene (2011) and Superstorm Sandy (October 2012), while other homeowners were not as fortunate.

Mike Thomas in New York

Baxi Survives Superstorms

Francis Eddings (center), project manager of The Briarwood Organization's Arverne Waters Edge development on New York's Rockaway Peninsula is delighted with the performance of high efficiency Baxi wallhung boilers installed in oceanside homes of the Arverne Waters Edge community in 2010. He inspects one Baxi combination heating and domestic hot water wall-hung boiler closet installation with Mike Thomas (left), president of Marathon International, the exclusive North American distributor of Baxi heating and hot water products, and Scott Dellon, president of Dellon Sales, the Baxi representatives in New York City and region.

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Baxi Homeowners given green light to stay in their homes post Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy Inspection

Rare sign of the times along New York coastline

The New York City Buildings department posted this inspection sign on the Rockaway Peninsula city block where 54 Baxi boilers are installed and operating reliably since they were installed in 2010 by local contractor John Norton of Norton Mechanical and his Baxi-certified crew of installers and service technicians. Sadly, this sign is not a common site in the Superstorm Sandy ravaged vicinity.