Long Island Resident Upgrades from Oil Boiler to Gas, Saves 70% on Energy Bill

Bobby Brown banks big bucks with Baxi boiler — saving $3,500 per year

The Baxi Luna Duo-Tec condensing boiler is setting a new performance standard for optimal high efficiency heating appliances throughout the United States.

After extensive field testing, the Luna Duo-Tec was introduced to North America in the fall of 2013. A kitchen-cabinet-sized gas wall-hung boiler, the boiler achieves up to 98 per cent efficiency. To Long Island resident Bobby Brown, that level of high efficiency performance means $3,500 less in home heating costs a year.

After putting up with a “noisy and smelly” oil boiler for 26 years, Brown decided before last winter arrived to make the most of the gas line he installed for his stove several years earlier. He upgraded his 2,100-square-foot home's heating system to natural gas with a Baxi Luna Duo-Tec combination heating and domestic hot water boiler. He says he will never look back — except to reference previous oil bills when measuring the substantial savings generated by his new Baxi gas boiler system.

The proof is in the savings

“I spent $5,064 for oil during the previous 12 months,” says Bobby Brown, “By comparison, my National Grid natural gas bills will total less than $1,500 for the year ending November 2014 — or 70 percent less than my former oil heat bills. That’s an incredible savings, especially when you consider the cold winter we endured this past year.”

Baxi Luna Duo-Tec supplies the heating for two zones and on-demand domestic hot water for the household, including three bathrooms (one with a dual-head shower). Baxi certified installers appreciate the boiler’s gas-adaptive technology, automatic precision set-up features, as well as an innovative self-calibration function that optimizes energy efficiency continuously for the life of the boiler.

“With projected after-tax savings of $3,500 a year, our Baxi investment will be paid off in no time," Brown notes. "My wife and I really appreciate the savings, but we also value vastly improved home comfort provided by this quiet and reliable gas heating appliance.”

Bobby Brown never grew accustomed to being awakened in the middle of the night by a noisy oil boiler, and he found no joy in receiving a monthly oil bill. He now sleeps better and actually looks forward to opening his gas bills, which average $127 a month.

Baxi for the future

“We never invited guests to check out our noisy heating appliance in a smelly boiler room. Now, we showcase our Baxi for any newcomer to our home, and the boiler room is now my man cave, “ Brown says with a chuckle. “People are always impressed by our 70 per cent savings and the sleek look of the boiler.”

The Long Island resident’s Baxi boiler hangs on an outside wall, three feet off the floor — making it an ideal green heating appliance for homes and businesses in flood-prone regions. Baxi boilers are factory tested, field tested, Energy Star-rated and come loaded with multiple CSA-approved components. The heating appliance also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. Other built-in safety features include frost protection, an anti-Legionella function and a domestic hot water heat exchanger that is totally separate from the boiler’s primary heat exchanger.

“Looking back at our positive, problem-free Baxi experience, I wish we had converted from oil to natural gas a lot earlier. Wall-hung gas boilers are ideal for the times, putting money back in my wallet where it belongs,” Brown adds.

A leading heating products manufacturer in Europe since 1866, Baxi manufacturers 4,000 boilers at day at its Bassano, Italy plant for export to 80 countries. Baxi introduced the first high-efficiency combination heating and domestic hot water boiler in North America in 2000. Consistent with the manufacturer’s commitment to quality, reliability and safety, the gas-fired heating appliance is sold through authorized regional distributors to Baxi trained and certified installers, who may offer their customers an optional 10-year extended parts and labor warranty. Learn more at www.wallhungboilers.com, web site of Marathon International, the exclusive North American distributor of Baxi proven, reliable heating and renewable energy products.

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