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Energy Efficiencies Enhanced in Retirement Community

Hamilton retirement communityHAMCO Heating and Cooling enhances energy efficiencies of retirement community

After a thorough assessment of aging heating equipment and leaking piping in the six-story building’s rooftop mechanical room, Jordan Vasilak, shop foreman and manager of installations at HAMCO, recommended a proven and reliable solution that would reinforce the retirement community’s “care-free” value proposition.

“The new operating company of St. Elizabeth Villa is thrilled with the new Baxi high-efficiency commercial boilers and high-pressure and corrosion resistant aquatechnik PP-RCT 125 piping system we have installed,” Vasilak said.

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Leading Maine Contractors Recommend Baxi

Baxi Wallhung boiler hurricane Sandy“My customers are enjoying solid Baxi business success, and that’s a big reason why I increased my warehouse space by three-fold this year,” says Nate Bassett, owner of Portland Winnelson.

Jerry Guertin and Jim Robinson are both seasoned plumbing and heating contractors who are leaders in the design, installation and servicing of Baxi high-efficiency wallhung heating solutions in Southern Maine. Their Baxi work over the years has helped their residential and commercial customers cut annual fuel bills by up to 67%, while freeing up valuable living and work space, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90%. Read more »

Long Island Resident Saves 70% on Energy Bill

Long Island residentAfter upgrading from an oil boiler to a Baxi high efficiency wall-hung boiler, Long Island resident Bobby Brown is projecting savings of $3500 versus what he paid last year for oil.

Gas wall-hung boilers are not yet as prevalent in the United States as they are in Europe, but Brown believes they should be.

After putting up with a “noisy and smelly” oil boiler for 26 years, Brown decided last fall to upgrade his 2,100-square-foot home's heating system with a Baxi high efficiency gas wall-hung boiler. He says he will never look back — except to reference previous oil bills when measuring the substan-tial savings generated by his new Baxi gas boiler system.. Read more »

BAXI Heats Alaska

Maine Contractors Recommend BAXI"My neighborhood just got natural gas a few years ago, so I now have a Baxi Luna unit heating our family home and my shop.

Our previous fuel oil bill was up to $500 a month, and now we are spending around $150 for gas," notes Mike La Fay, owner of Meadow Lakes Supply "You simply can't get better than that - saving lots of money while knowing your heating system will withstand the coldest challenges of our winter."

To excel with a boiler installation in North America's most demanding heating market is admirable. Mastering 300 reliable installations of a brand over 12 years can best be described as exemplary -- and that is precisely what Alaska contractor Mike La Fay has been doing with Baxi Luna wallhung modulating boilers. Read more »

Baxi Heating & Submetering for Apartment Buildings

Baxi High efficiency heating equipmentBaxi, a leading European manufacturer and exporter globally of high efficiency heating and renewable energy solutions, offers a proven heating, solar water heating, hot and cold water system with submetering that appears to be right for the times.

Baxi Luna SAT is an integrated HVAC system for an apartment complex that also features a submetering network, with hot and cold water meters, as well as BTU heating meters located outside each unit. The submetering eliminates guesswork from the arduous task of energy use measurement, facilitates accurate per-suite utility bills processing, and also promotes conservation practices. While new to North America, it has a proven track record in Italy, promoting conservation practices that are generating an additional 25 to 30% in utility cost savings. Read more »

Baxi Wallhung Boilers Endure SuperStorms

BAXI in SeattleAll 54 Baxi wallhung boilers installed in the community prior to Superstorm Sandy were left unscathed and continued to provide heating a domestic hot water for residents once electricity was restored in the area.

When New York City builder/ developer the Briarwood Organization asked contractor John Norton of Norton Mechanical to help them find a more affordable, efficient and reliable heating system for their development on Arverne Edge Waters, Norton easily recommended installing the Baxi combination heating and hot water boiler on the first or second floor of the homes – a decision that proved invaluable to these home owners. Read more »

Contractor finds Baxi gas boiler problem-free

Long Island residentMike Scott, a seasoned co-owner of a Long Island plumbing and heating contracting firm, is high on problem-free Baxi gas boiler

Scott attributes the firm’s “no call-backs” equipment installation focus as a key to the continuing success of Seaford Avenue Corporation (SAC), based in Massapequa, N.Y.

Scott and his business partner of 20 years, George Luksch, only commit to proven and reliable equipment that minimize callbacks for the Massapequa firm’s 30 licensed employees in the field. “That is why we recommend Baxi wallhung boilers to our customers,” Scott said. “Baxi boilers are high quality, well-priced, beyond easy to install and maintain, and problem-free.”. Read more »

Connecticut contractor gives Baxi high marks

Baxi Duo-Tec

Proven reliability is the most important criterion when it comes to selecting a high efficiency heating line, according to the president of a leading contracting firm in Connecticut. For Wayne Krasnow, owner of Air Inc. in Branford, Conn. for 22 years, product specification and installation training comes first for his qualified installers and service technicians.

“Our firm has installed close to 100 Baxi boilers across southern Connecticut over the past few years, and our experience with the product has been virtually error-free,” Krasnow said. "All of our installation engineers, service technicians and sales team members are Baxi trained and certified.” Read more »

Seattle Housing Saves 37% With Baxi

BAXI Heats AlaskaSeattle Housing Authority's investment in greener and more affordable housing options has reaped a dividend of 37% savings in fuel consumption at High Point, a celebrated mixed-income community in West Seattle, versus another similiar development.

“We recommended the Baxi Luna wallhung boiler because it supported all of our green goals," says Matt Sullivan, Project Manager at Mithun Architects. "It is an elegant, all-in-one, backpack-sized boiler with tankless hot water capabilities. It generates fuel use savings while helping us make the most of space limitations. Clearly, the Baxi Luna heating solution frees up valuable living space, allowing us to fit a stackable washer and dryer in the same closet as the combination central heating and domestic hot water boiler." Read more »

Designing Precision High-Efficiency Heating Systems

Baxi Luna SATThe introduction of higher efficiency and more compact hydronic heating equipment is bringing North America closer to European acceptance for wall-hung boiler technology.

Substantial fuel consumption, utility bill and valuable space savings make Baxi Luna wall-hung boilers a compelling choice for both new home and retrofit applications.

“We have not installed any other brand of gas boiler since we switched to Baxi,” says Jerry Davis of Dubben Bros.

“We like the product’s reliability, versatility for new or retrofit applications, venting options, ease of service, the factory training and support, product certification and in-market trouble shooting provided by our Baxi reps.” Read more »

Baxi on the Radio

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